Czechoslovakian wall lamps Combilux Lidokov, designed by Stanisłav Indra, 1970s.


  • USD: 181.82$

Very well preserved wall lamps signed with the name of one of the leading Czechoslovakian designers. Sconces are part of a whole series of different types of lamps having a common denominator in the form of a repeating shade pattern. We have a desk lamp in the same color that is a great complement to the wall lamps.

Everything in very good vintage condition. Slight scratches on the orange elements of the lamp are visible in the pictures. In any case, they do not destroy the aesthetic impression. Sconces after an electrical review.

The base is heavy enough that you can use them like bedside lamps.

Each is equipped with a cable with a switch and plug, which allows it to be used without feeding the system from the wall. Just insert the plug into the socket.

Take, put, hang, use !!!  

Height: 25 cm

Base diameter: 10 cm

Shade length: 15 cm

Shade diameter: 10 cm

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